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Why Martin Wismer™?

The art of microencapsulation is an exact science requiring special knowledge and expertise. Martin Wismer has spent  26 years in the research and development of microencapsulation technology, during which time the knowledge and expertise he has gained, have enabled him to be at the forefront of this innovative technology and made him a pioneer in the field of specialty coatings and fragrance release systems. Below is a brief history of his achievements:

· He was he first to introduce the printing of encapsulated fragrances beyond the scratch & sniff that we are all still familiar with.

· For the first time, encapsulated fragrances could be printed as part of a page and not as an insert.

· He pioneered the first flexographically printed disposable tissues with encapsulated fragrances

· He researched Microencapsulation technology to develop capsules that could be used in the first ever trials of rotary textile silk screen printing of fabrics. Further research produced capsules which were wash resistant.

· Through Research & Development he made it possible for the first time to print capsules via Gravure, flexo, offset and heat set web printing. This was used in the first Marks & Spencer Florentina drawer liners in 1989, the first one of its kind to be printed on rotor gravure 8-colour press in line!

· Amongst his first high profile clients were YSL, Yardley, Fabergé and Yves Rocher.

· Today our encapsulates are incorporated in a multitude of different products worldwide.

This is just a brief history of why the name Martin Wismer™ has become the trademark of encapsulation technology.